Hospitalsconsultants – getting your medical condition seen to – faster!

The Hospitalsconsultants website is a kind of interface where people seeking medical care can search for a hospital to treat them. It features around 30 hospitals in both England and France, and caters to NHS patients (certain conditions may apply), as well as people having private healthcare insurance. It’s easy to use – simply enter a few details on the site’s search engine

Clifton Park Hospital, York has its own on-site rehabilitation gym


– the procedure you need, your patient status (NHS patient, private payer) and your age. The site will then find a match for you.

There are many different procedures available via the site. For more information on knee replacement surgery, for example, just click on the following link: hospitalsconsultants. Other types of surgery include hip replacement and carpal tunnel surgery, arthroscopic knee surgery and cataract surgery.

At, all of the featured hospitals have been carefully assessed on the basis of patient satisfaction and quality of facilities and healthcare delivery by an expert in this field, Doctor Jean-Pascal Del Bano. Typical of the establishments registered with the site is Clifton Park Hospital in York (see below). This modern hospital boasts excellent facilities, including an on-site rehabilitation gym.

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