DBV Technologies’ Viaskin patch – a quantum leap forward in food allergy treatment?

If you’re interested in new ways of tackling food allergies, the DBV Technologies website is a great place to look. Food allergies have become much more widespread in recent years, and as a result, interest in finding responses to these allergies has grown.

Hen’s egg allergy is one allergy the Viaskin patch has been developed to tackle

Source: http://www.dbv-technologies.com

Many companies are involved in research into how to treat various allergies, one of which is the Paris-based DBV Technologies. At http://www.dbv-technologies.com/en/viaskin-products you can find out more about their food allergy treatment research program, which currently focuses on cows’ milk protein, peanut and hen’s egg allergies. Collectively, these allergies affect a substantial minority of people, with cows’ milk protein being particularly prevalent amongst small children. The company’s weapon in this fight is the Viaskin patch, which, as you can see below, is an adhesive patch worn on the arm. Viaskin works by transferring the small amounts of antigens contained in the patch into the body through the skin. Once this has been carried out, the antigens can enter the Langerhans cells. These are tolerogenic cells, in other words, the antigens will provoke a less severe allergic reaction if they come into contact with said cells, making them a safe place to start the desensitization process.

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