Is relief for food allergy sufferers on the way thanks to DBV-Technologies?

It’s estimated that millions of people across the globe are negatively affected by food allergies. Probably the best-known of them all is peanut allergy, perhaps because of its sometimes devastating consequences. In the United States alone, up to 200 people die each year from having accidently eaten food containing peanuts. DBV-Technologies has a wealth of interesting information available on its website, for anyone who would like to find out more about the work it has been doing on food allergy treatment.

This diagram demonstrates the basic components of the Viaskin patch


The company, which is based just outside Paris, has concentrated its efforts on three major allergies, including two food allergies – cows’ milk protein allergy (which affects anything up to 3% of babies and infants) and peanut allergy. The vehicle for these treatments comes in the form of an adhesive patch (pictured below), which is stuck on the patient’s arm. The patch is essentially a means of transferring allergens safely to the patient’s body over a period of time with a view to ‘tolerizing’ the patient (adopting what is known as an immunotherapy approach).

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