Take life easy – get comfy on a beautifully-worked Taillardat chair or armchair!

If you’re just about ready to collapse into an easy chair, why not take a look at www.taillardat.fr before you do so? This French company is heir to a wonderful tradition of luxury furniture-making that has been proudly upheld in France for hundreds of years – and nowadays, as then, there’s no-one who does sophisticated furniture quite like the French.

Louis XV chairs and the ‘Jacob’ Louis XVI model shown here are lovingly-crafted by skilled craftspeople

Source: www.taillardat.fr

Taillardat’s craftspeople are well-schooled in the key skills of the trade: joinery, carving, cabinet making, laying patinas, painting, leather casing, gilding, working with bronzes, French polishing and upholstery. Moreover, the company’s expertise in these crafts has seen it awarded the prestigious status of ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’.

The outcome of all these talents can be seen in the individual sections on the website dedicated to different kinds of furniture. For example, at http://www.taillardat.fr/collection-fauteuils-en.php you’ll find Louis XVIII armchair models and other armchair designs inspired by 18th and 19th century creations. Typically richly-upholstered, these models will look great in a living room, dining room or study. If you’d like something more discreet, then a chair like the Jacob shown below might fit the bill.

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